Move in San Miguel de Allende


She was born in 1981 in Ankara, Turkey. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cinema and Television at Marmara University. She has worked as a lighting designer and technician for 13 years in theatres and organisations in the UK, Berlin  and Turkey. In 2019, she emigrated to Berlin with her husband and daughter. She is aktivist artist.  She likes to use different art object together. Recently, she has interested in sound and ligh installation.

Mithat Can ÖNER

He is composer and music producer. Mithatcan studied Tourism Management at Sakarya University and Finance at Sevilla University. He gave his first concert at the age of 14 with a drum in music band. He has been produced music for theater plays and children’s stories. With his experience playing many instruments for many years, he is now more interested in areas such as , sound composition, production and installation.

Eat in San Miguel de Allende
Move in San Miguel de Allende

Erçin IŞIK

Erçin Işık, after him theatre studies in London and Istanbul, graduated from SDU Fine Arts Faculty Acting Department with an In-Yer-Face thesis. He played the character of Konstantin in Chekhov’s Seagull for two seasons, which is at the beginning of many plays in the State Theatres. He acting in many movies, TV series, independent plays and commercials as an actor. He also completed him master’s degree in cinema at Marmara University for combined disciplines behind the camera by shooting films as a screenwriter/director. Actor, who also works as an editor and writer at Artful Living, continues to work as a playwriter/director and also presents him articles to readers in many art magazines such as Kafkaokur.

Behice SOYÖZ

Born in the beautiful city founded by the byzantines in Bartın on the black sea.     Grew up in the rainy heart of the “Ruhrpott” in a small theater-loving city called Recklinghausen. Living and working in art projects in an elementary School and as a trainer for basketball in Berlin.

Eat in San Miguel de Allende

SCREAM – 2021


Sound Installation: Mithatcan Öner
Short movie director: Ögünç Hatipoglu
Lighting: Aslı Atasoy Öner, Mathilda Kruschel
Sound: Björn Stegmann, Ivan Bartsch
Costume and set Asisstant: Behice Soyöz
Translation: Maeve Gerding
Graphic Design: Turgut Kocaman
Director of Photography: Katharina Schelling
Voice of Mother: Yelda Baskın
Voice of Girl: Reyhan Özdilek
Editor : Erçin Işık

Special Thanks to Gabi Schohl, Mehmet Koç, Sibel Olguner
Kemal Kocatürk and Anne Balzer.