• 19:00-  20:00 Tour of the Exhibition
  • 20:00 – 20:30 Break
  • 20:30 – 21:40 Concert


„LaboR  Labé“
Based on the sonnets by Louise Labé

Agnès Guipont  … Compositions, Vocals, Piano
Jonathan Bratoëff … Arrangements, Electric guitare

Agnes’ music brings the light of hope from Silent Scream to the audience with its rhythms.  Agnès Guipont, a transdisciplinary artist, has been working since 2018 to set the complete cycle of Louise Labé’s 24 Sonnets to music. This great 16th century French poet was a feminist before her time and urged women to leave their houseworks to learn the sciences and arts and exercise power like men.

Her sonnets have crossed the centuries and today resonate with the evolution of feminist movements and the ongoing awareness of violence against women.


20:30 – 21:40