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How do you feel when you cannot express your feelings? What would happen if you cannot react to the happiness, surprise or fear you feel in a certain situation? We want to open a space for people to engage with the issue of femicide and make a mark together to stop femicides. We should be a big cry against violence. When we fight with hope and faith, the scream turns into a smile.

The SILENT SCREAM exhibition not only invites us to encounter the deaths of women who have tried to protect themselves from violence, but also to embark on an experimental journey that all those who have not spoken out against these murders can identify with. By separating the femicides we have become accustomed to in our everyday lives from those that have not even made it into the headlines, ‘Silent Scream’ puts its audience at the centre of these moments.

The work makes us feel life, death with all our senses. Silent Scream combines light and sound installations by Aslı ATASOY ÖNER and Mithat Can ÖNER to make the issue of femicide tangible. The art installations awaken empathy and open up a space to engage with the topic.

The exhibition is complemented by various workshops with experts on women’s self-defence, body awareness and creative expression. Each day, different workshops will be offered in German, English and Turkish. In the workshops, participants can network, empower themselves and have the opportunity to explore and express individual feelings and needs.

SILENT SCREAM will be at the Aquarium at Südblock from 22 to 26 February 2023.

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